Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society Announces Spring Excursion Schedule for 765


As part of Norfolk Southern’s 21st Century Steam Program, ex-Nickel Plate Road No. 765 will be handling the excursion duties for trips operating in Ohio and Pennsylvania this Spring. (See Norfolk Southern Announces Spring Steam Schedule for 2013.) The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc., owners and caretakers of the locomotive, released their full operating schedule for the locomotive this May, including deadhead trips to position it for the excursions.

It is important to note that while times of the public excursions will be fairly easy to track, the deadhead moves are tentative, and will be dependent upon the needs of Norfolk Southern. Members of the public are encouraged to use this information safely and responsibly, and to respect railroad and private property at all times. The schedule is as follows:

May 9: DEADHEAD – Fort Wayne – Bellevue – Cleveland (Rockport Yard)

May 11: NS EMPLOYEE TRIPS – Rockport – Fairlane

May 12: PUBLIC TRIP – Rocky River – Bellevue Round Trip

May 13: DEADHEAD – Cleveland – Conway – Altoona

May 18-19: NS EMPLOYEE TRIPS -Altoona – Gallitzin (Horseshoe Curve)

May 23: DEADHEAD – Altoona – Enola

May 25: PUBLIC TRIP – Lewistown – Gallitzin Round Trip (Horseshoe Curve)

May 26: PUBLIC TRIP – Lewistown – Gallitzin Round Trip (Horseshoe Curve)

May 27: PUBLIC TRIP – Lewistown – Gallitzin Round Trip (Horseshoe Curve)

May 29: DEADHEAD – Enola – Altoona – Conway

May 30: DEADHEAD – Conway – Cleveland – Bellevue

May 31: DEADHEAD – Bellevue – Fort Wayne

It has been learned concerning the two Employee Trips out of Altoona that there will be two trips each day between Altoona and Gallitzin. Times are unknown at this time.

The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society is also planning on having a new app created for iPhone/iOS and Android operating systems by May. The app will feature the 765′s location and route, your location, as well as social media and news feeds from the FWRHS. To find out when the app is released, sign up for their mailing list on their website.


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